1. Checking out the grounds…

  2. Tom Zombie Festival - The Walk |  St. Thomas, Ontario

  3. Scooped these lovelies up this morning at a local Farmer’s Market in St. Thomas. 

    That jelly, by a wonderful woman from Port Stanley - Mary Ellen of Grammie’s Creations - sold the best damn stuff I’ve seen in a long time. JELLY WITH RUM!? How could you NOT!? There was even a Pina Colada version…and at $3.75 for the smaller jar, it was a cheap investment that was well worth it.

    And that bread?! Omg…$5 got me a huge, loafy loaf of whole wheat with oats from the Artisan Bakery in London (who I’d go to all the time when Medium was around).

    No preservative, no bullshit.
    Buy local, folks. Buy healthy.

  4. Farmers’s Market  |  St. Thomas Ontario  |  50mm

  6. Jade  |  The Last Year  |  J Corridor  

  7. On my way to register with another employment services company in London. They say to hang in there..well, I’m hanging on. A full time job has gotta come by soon…