1. This evening, my friend Becky and I took advantage of the setting sun, some abandoned spaces, and her red dress. And a shopping cart. Oh how I love it when props mysteriously appear for the taking.

  2. This was taken before another interview, today.

    And for kicks, I checked over my log sheet in Excel - cause yes, I am keeping track of where I apply, the date I apply, who the main contact person is, and any other tidbits of information such as pay scale and hours etc.

    As of today, I’ve emailed out 226 resumes through online resources since last September. This does not include any online application forms; for some reason I didn’t log those prospects but I do remember filling out the forms. Oh yes, I do remember sitting here for close to an hour going over meticulous fields and entering the same information over and over again. So when the job description asks for a data entry specialist, trust me you, I’m her.

    Out of the 226+ jobs I’ve applied for, I’ve had 13 interviews.
    That’s it. Thirteen.
    And only one job “offer” that really didn’t pan out at all. 

    So, to keep myself busy, working and relevant, I’ve had 6 temp jobs in the last 6 months through friends and acquaintences. And I’ve also done several months of volunteer work. And garnered a couple short term portrait commission works. 

    I’ve not been lacking. I’ve not been without. I do have support from family and friends. I’m just…gah. It’s time to put this Momma to work. It really does kill your confidence when after 200 openings you still can’t secure a job. Not even at a bloody gas bar :/

  3. Jimmy sure does love going to Church.

  4. Gloomy day. Might as well take some self portraits…

  5. House sitting for my homie J. While I watch his cats, I might as well get some work done. Finding that being in another environment is boding very well for my motivation.

  6. Old pic, new edit. Getting my affairs in order, or as us cool kids call it: getting my shit together.

    Have a lot of strong work here from my project with Jimmy that I really gotta just friggin’ hunker down and prepare for display.

  7. 'Nutha interview, 'nutha portrait. You should know how this goes by now.

  8. This was taken moments after I got told that they’re going with another candidate.

    I’m not mad. Not mad at the employer for choosing someone who better fit their criteria and not mad at me for trying (again).

    I’m just getting tired. Jaded. Fatigued. I’ve been at this for years.
    Not weeks. Not months. Years.

    I’ve had interview after interview, signed up at temp agency after temp agency, dropped off resumes everywhere from large corporations to smaller retail positions. Finding a job costs the unemployed person money that they don’t have (and at this point, is beginning to cost me my self esteem).

    For instance, I’ve borrowed more than enough money from family to put gas in my car so I can drive the distances, put coins in the meters to park my car, bought thrift store finds that hopefully make me look professional, and a quick coffee or snack to refuel when I felt like I could reward myself for an interview-gone-well.

    And still, nothing. Not enough experience, too much experience, the other candidates had exactly what they were looking for…I could go on. As much as I am trying to be positive, as much as I’m not giving up (I don’t have an option, ps), and as much as I keep pushing the resumes out the door, ya gotta admit this is getting a bit ridiculous.

    Like, who did I piss off in my previous life?