1. Therapy  |  Week 5  | St. Thomas Ontario

  2. They say to keep plugging away, to keep on keeping on.

    Well, what option do I have? I don’t. Nothing else left to do but take another step forward…

    Unemployment SUCKS, ya’ll.

  3. "NO PICTURES!" says he.

    "Click" goes the camera phone.

  4. I’ve started my next project! with the one and only Jade. Who, ironically, is not in this pink shirt. But that’s how I roll: mysterious.

  5. This is an out take, but essentially, I’m prepping for some environmental self portraits to add to my personal project.

    Not a huge fan of black and white photographs but because some of the background elements were bright and distracting, I decided to convert.

    Also? I’m at a transition in my work and questioning my next chapter. As an artist, you should always be evolving and trying new things.

  6. So this was fun to watch.

  7. Job searching at 6am. On a Sunday.

    Can’t say I’m not trying during downtime/days of rest. Just in case anyone is questioning my motive and agenda for employment…

  8. Part of my daily activities in job hunting including networking. Yes, THAT dreaded N-word. I love meeting and talking to people, sure, but I hate selling myself to them. It’s not my forte, this “sales thing”.

    See, this whole time I’ve been looking for jobs, I’ll search them out, adjust my resume accordingly, and just simply hit Apply Now. Here I am all Susie Awesomesauce, thinking my resume is great, that my cover letter is witty and engaging, and that I do pretty alright during interviews because of my shining personality.

    But obviously, none of that matters because maybe, just maybe, my lack of focus is something they pick up on and see me as a liability instead. And maybe, just maybe my resume is the equivalent to a Freddy’s Carpet Cleaning mailer you get with the saturday paper: boring and easily trashed.

    So today I called a {very expensive} consulting firm and not only got 18 minutes of time from the President, but he gave some solid free advice. Which is, I’m not getting jobs because I am not focussed. I need to go in, tell them what I can do for them, how they can make money off of me, and learn how to sell myself. Basically.

    He was bold. Brash. And apologized for sounding like an asshole but you know what? I needed to hear it because for years I feel that people have been sugar coating their advice, and I for one am much more receptive to tough love. Just bloody say it: “Lisa you suck because of this and this and you need to change it.”

    However, after getting a brief abstract on my background - single unemployed Mom - he felt that I was not his typical clientele because he deals with individuals and larger companies who can afford his services (there’s that truth thing again). He said himself “Keep your money to feed your kids.” And I laughed and said “It’s an investment; I pay you to help me feed my kids.” 

    No dice. Not sure what that means. I even offered a portrait trade. Can’t blame a sister for trying! I won’t lie, this left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth (not the pass on the portrait part, but the fact he won’t take my money) because who passes up an opportunity to help someone, regardless of their background and financial status? Kinda sounded a wee discriminatory but whatever. Such is life, right?

    In the end, I still appreciated his time and advice, even if some of it was hard to swallow. Point is, I’m not going to get good unless I find the right people who tell me I’m doing the wrong thing. Does that make sense?

    Or maybe I am just hearing what I want to hear. I really can’t decipher the truth from wolf’s logic anymore…just getting tired of hitting road blocks and being in limbo like this.